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Philosophy Statement

It is the philosophy of the Military School Districts’ Cooperative that special education is the part of public education that assures that all eligible students with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education within the least restrictive environment. The districts also endorse the concept that students with disabilities shall be educated with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent appropriate and that special education is an integral part of the total educational program. All students, regardless of the special need or condition, shall be provided a well-balanced curriculum which includes essential knowledge and skills that represent core knowledge, skills and competencies that all students should learn to be effective and productive members of society. Students with special needs shall be instructed in the same essential knowledge and skills as their non-disabled peers in a manner appropriate to their needs. Special curriculum objectives are provided when necessary to meet the needs of eligible students with disabilities that cannot be instructed with the same essential knowledge and skills as non-disabled peers. The districts ensure that programs for special populations are coordinated with and are an integral part of the total instructional program. The districts are committed to meeting individual student needs through communication and collaboration among general education staff, special education staff, and parents. An array of instructional services is provided which allows learning in an environment that is most appropriate and least restrictive to meet each student’s needs.